Rural Ireland

IMG00232-20110403-1203I love the wild and beautiful ruggedness of rural Ireland — the hilly green fields, lush with tiny  scarlet fuchsia and bright orange and yellow broom plant blooms and rimmed with ancient, dry stone fences — the dramatic sea cliffs ablaze with golden furze and teeming with birds that swoop and call — the turquoise, celadon, seafoam green and azure of the Irish sea, sometimes calm and sparkling, often wild with fury and powerful crashes onto the black volcanic rocks and soft sand beaches. And Irish sheep — so different from sheep in the US. They are ubiquitous and funny and skittish and iconic! I took this photo of sheep on the Dingle Peninsula in the small and lovely village of Dunquin. They’re curious, but they keep their distance. Irish animals are happy, feasting on rich grasses and plants and nourished with Irish rain and warm sun.


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