James Joyce’s Piano

IMG_0551Here’s a photo I took yesterday of James Joyce’s piano, during my visit to the Dublin Writers Museum. The museum is in a lovely 18th-centry town house and I loved the exhibits – the paintings, manuscripts, letters, rare editions and mementos and artifacts. Joyce’s piano sits upstairs in the sumptuous Gallery of Writers.

From Sun Phone Records –

“It is an aspect of his complex life that is most evident, ironically enough, in his writing, in which scholars have cataloged literally thousands of musical allusions — to singers, composers, instruments, musical venues and, of course, songs of various stripes — many of them integral to the understanding of his poems, stories, and novels. His books are saturated with the deep knowledge and affection for music with which he grew up and which stayed with him all his life.”

Sylvia Beach wrote –

“He would seat himself at the piano, drooping over the keys, and the old songs, his particular way of singing them in his sweet tenor voice, and the expression his face — these were things one can never forget.”

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