Kilkenny Restaurant on Nassau Street

kilkennyThe marketing spin for this fabulous place states, “Situated on the first floor with a clear view into the grounds of Trinity College, the Kilkenny Restaurant is one of the most pleasant places in Dublin to have a casual bite to eat and the experience lives up to anticipation. Ingredients are fresh and additive-free (as are all the products on sale in the shop’s food hall) and everything has a home-cooked flavor. Salads, quiches, casseroles, home-baked breads and cakes are the Kilkenny Restaurant specialties”.

This is one of my favorite places to pop into in Dublin City Centre for a cup of tea, a steaming bowl of soup, or a full tasty lunch – great to relax and read, go over my notes for the next day’s activities and excursions, read the paper, write, people-watch, and talk with visitors from across the world and local Irish people.

Photo credit: Kilkenny


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