High Tea at the Europa Hotel

IMG_1422Students were shocked to learn the sad history of the hotel (during The Troubles, a reputation for being the most bombed hotel in Europe). They cybersleuthed to learn more about the hotel’s history, which informed their experience greatly this afternoon.

After a couple of intense days, it was such fun to see them relaxed and enjoying the ceremony of High Tea. None of them had ever experienced this quintessential British cultural phenomenon and they were thrilled and delighted! It’s one of my favorite things to do, and how wonderful to see them experience this marvelous tradition, together. They quite like the idea of my hosting High Tea for them at my house during fall semester next year. I think it sounds like a fantastic idea.

Take a look at what was on the menu, delicious!

IMG_1419They were very curious about all of the different teas on the tea trolley, and they spent quite a lot of time selecting just the right tea. It was a perfect afternoon. Tomorrow, we tour the sectarian neighborhoods of Belfast and travel to Derry.







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