Peter Costea’s Love of Nature, People and Philosophical Musings

fuschiaPeter Costea is one of my Honors Maymester students, a Psychology major at CU Denver and by his own admission, a passionate people person. Take a look at one of his recent blog posts, A Study in Flowers. It is a beautiful wee meditation on the natural beauty of Ireland, and he positions his lovely flowers at the center of that calm and verdant world. His delightful and adept post, A Study In People (Wise Cyril), is a lovely tribute to beauty of another type; serendipity, the pleasure in taking time to listen and learn, and the power of discovering knowledge and friendship in the most unsuspecting places. The photos of Wise Cyril are stunning. Peter’s beautifully crafted story about Wise Cyril, autism and autism spectrum disorder, is wondrous! It brings to mind the people I’ve read and studied re: this topic, including: Temple Grandin’s amazing and beautiful memoir, Thinking in Pictures: Other Reports from My Life with Autism); Oliver Sacks’ marvelous books, Anthropologist on Mars (which takes its title from a phrase Templin Grandin spoke when Sacks asked her what it felt like to be autistic), Musicophilia, Migraine, Awakenings, and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat; Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day; Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time; and John Elder Robison’s Look Me in the Eye. Step inside Peter’s kind spirit and wise soul, and have a look at his blog and at all of these incredible student blogs! The flower photo is of one of my favorite Irish flowers, the fuschia (the Irish versions are smaller and more delicate).


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