Last Day in Derry

IMG_1856We’ve been in Galway for the last few days, but I wanted to share a few more posts on Derry. We stayed in the Abbey B&B in Bogside. Our experiences in Derry were equal parts marvelous and solemn, and students experienced a tremendous amount – history, culture, the personal and the political. They were profoundly touched, learning about the history of The Troubles and Bloody Sunday and we all had some amazing and transformative experiences. The Abbey was a lovely and peaceful place to stay in an area that is marked with so much sadness and violence. We enjoyed and were grateful for the respite of a pretty tearoom and we were engaged with the paraphernalia on Bloody Sunday and music. This lovely B&B was our comfy base in Derry. Here are a few photos at our early morning breakfast, before we walked to the Derry bus station and headed back to the Republic and Galway.




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