Galway Hen Parties and a Wedding

IMG_1866Venturing out our first evening in Galway, I ran across two Hen Parties (the men have Stag Parties) and a wedding! I am always running into weddings, wherever I go in the world… lots of fun! One of the hen groups was actually staying in our B&B, I later discovered. I’d never head of a hen party before I lived in Ireland (although the term seems to have had its start in the US). What fun they are!

Take a look at “Ireland’s Leading Hen Company,” It’s a one-stop shop for hen games, themes, activities, gifts, accessories, t-shirts, and invitations. Then there’s Belles & Blazers, a hen event party planner and PoshFizz, for a hen party with a posh touch. Here’s their #10 tip in their Top 10 —

Many hens choose a “girl’s night in”, rather than a night out. Pyjama parties with loads of chick flicks & Champagne are great fun. To add a sense of individuality, invite a Tarot Card Reader to read your fortune or hire a mobile cocktail class for a bit of organised drinking and craic! We have elf-catering options available in Carlow, Galway, Carrick and Meath with large suites also available in Kildare.

IMG_1870Sounds interesting. Wonder if hen parties would fly in the US?



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