The Cliffs of Moher

IMG_1969This was a lovely, beautiful day. A free day from classwork, but a chance to connect with nature in a big way! A visit to the Cliffs of Moher is the number one tourist attraction in Ireland. I’ve been a dozen or more times, and it’s always spectacular. Students loved exploring this wild, breathtaking place. Some of then hiked all the way out to Hag’s Head, others climbed down to the beach. Everyone got some fabulous photos and we all got plenty of fresh air and exercise before the soft rain started. Luckily, we were nearly finished with our day and ready to board the 2-hour bus back to Galway. It’s really interesting to learn about how the cliffs were formed, the flora, fauna and birds of Moher, and their height and ferocity. Tried and a bit damp, the slow bus ride back to Galway was good. One last night in Galway, then headed on to the Dingle Peninsula, to walk in the footsteps of Martin Kearney and learn about the Blasket people and culture.

IMG_1970Here are a few photos I took (don’t my students look like they’re having way too much fun?!). Beautiful, beautiful place.








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