Dingle – Day 16

IMG_1988This morning I took everyone on a walking tour of Dingle – it’s a wee town and easily walkable in a short amount of time. I pointed out some favorite little shops and pubs, cafes, and other useful places (hardware store, post office, chemist/drug store, doctor’s office, police station, cleaners, An Lab experimental theatre space, Carol Cronin’s Gallery, Díseart Centre of Irish Spirituality and Culture, Benner’s Hotel where we would have tea after our walk, Paudie’s Bar/Restaurant in the Dingle Bay Hotel where students will give their final project presentations on Friday afternoon, and Lord Baker’s Restaurant where we will all have our farewell dinner on Friday evening – where did these three weeks go?!). And, we took a wee field trip into the gas station to see how different they are from US gas stations. Beautiful food counters that serve hot food and fresh, hand-cut sandwiches all day, made to order. Delicious, and nothing at all like the rows of fast food and junk we have in the US (although there are those here, as well). They were amazed and a long discussion ensued (learning in context is a powerful and most relevant model).

IMG_2047It was a lovely, sunny day, and after a glorious walk we found comfy chairs in Benner’s Hotel for tea and a good overview of the magical three days ahead of us – our last three days of Maymester. We also talked about FCQs, a survey sent from CU Denver asking about the Maymester experience for faculty and students, our last few blog assignments, the final VoiceThread discussion, the final reflection, and the final presentations. And, we talked a bit about change – the power of change and the amazing changes that happened to all of us (individually and as a group) over the last three weeks. We broke off and went, in small duos and trios, in search of lunch – with plans to meet at the Dingle Cinema at 1:45.


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