To Dingle – Day 15

IMG_1984This was a long travel day, but a good day. We had three bus changes – and although that was a bit tricky, we managed everything very well and found that there was time to rest, read, reflect and enjoy the beautiful scenery and ruined tower houses/castles – the small villages, the larger towns, small family farms, village churches, rivers, the seam and wild, rural places all along our route from Galway to Dingle).

We started out in Galway and took the X51 express bus to Limerick. Then on to Tralee on the number 13 bus and into Dingle on the number 275 bus – quite a journey! Students were well stocked with Irish snacks of all sorts and by the time we got to Dingle, it was time for an early dinner. We checked into the Dingle Harbour Lodge, a comfy place overlooking the beautiful Dingle Harbour and just a few minutes walk from all the shops, stores and pubs in Dingle. Students went out to explore and grab a quick bite of dinner, then home to blog. We all slept well after a bit of a grueling travel day.

I was so excited to arrive in Dingle – and full of joy and anticipation for what the next few days in and around Dingle and Dún Chaoin would bring. Learning and the beginning of wonderful, deep connections to this place and these people were in store!


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