Eilís Ní Dhúill’s Photos of the Bibeanna

Cathy, Judy, BrianAs promised, here are a few of the photos that Eilís Ní Dhúill took at our tea with the Bibeanna with them and a few of the Men of Ventry. You can read more about our extraordinary tea and conversations with the Bibeanna and the Men of Ventry, here. Many thanks to dear friend and colleague, Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin for hosting this amazing experience for me and my students!

Judy i dteach Bhrenda



2 thoughts on “Eilís Ní Dhúill’s Photos of the Bibeanna

  1. What a wonderful day. I had the pleasure of being invited along to view Brenda’s films along with the Honors students and much to my surprise and delight I then learned that we were all invited back to Brenda’s house in Ventry for afternoon tea. With the Bibeanna, the Fearaibh, local historian and Brenda all intent on entertaining us it was to make for a very pleasant afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the two groups, the honors students and the locals, interact and take pleasure from each others company. If I were to pick out one very special moment it was when one of the Bibeanna, Síle Uí Mhaolchatha, and one of the honors students sang a song together in French. A joy to behold and I am very grateful to both groups to have been afforded the opportunity.


    • Eilís, the Bibeanna and Men of Ventry tea at Brenda’s house and the day on the Great Blasket that you shared with Tommy, Brian and me, and my honors students were wondrous! Thanks for your kind responses and great resources!


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