Adam Gerken’s Keen Political Analyses and Problem-Solving Skills

img_20140528_093429Another of my great Honors students, Adam Gerken, did a fabulous job of analyzing the Irish political system and making comparisons to our system in the US. We all had some great discussions and learned a great deal from Adam’s insights. He was ecstatic to be in Ireland while both the local and the European Union elections were taking place. Take a look at his posts on Politics in the Republic of Ireland and Politics in Northern Ireland.

About halfway through the trip, Adam’s battery in his laptop died. He and I talked through some ideas about trying to replace it – and he did some great cybersleuthing on his phone to try and find an Irish tech retailer that might sell laptop batteries with a US plug. Every new city we went to, Adam had pinpointed a possible store and its location, and charted out a walking route. After no luck at all (but lots of valuable things learned about how to navigate in a foreign country), he decided to make the best of his research and blog post protocol using his smart phone. He did a great job! There aren’t a lot of photos on his blog, but there are relevant and useful research links and concise and excellent posts!


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