Kevie Kawasaki’s Deep Consciousness and Sense of Place

puffinKevie Kawasaki, one of my amazing Honors students, has a keen, curious mind, a kind spirit, and a deep consciousness and sense of place. She is from Hawaii and this trip, for her and some of her peers, opened up a new awareness of heritage and inspired great discussions and reflections about place and identity. It was incredible to see Kevie’s deep emotional responses to some of the political issues we learned about and experienced in Northern Ireland and it was joyous to see her complete delight in experiencing the natural beauty of Ireland – another beautiful island with which she’s fallen in love!

Take a look at Kevie’s beautifully poignant posts on James Fisher (who was only 18 years old when was sentenced to death by firing squad at Kilmainham Gaol, for being caught while possessing illegal weapons during the Irish Civil War) and Lonely Farmers (about the bachelor farmers phenomenon in Ireland).

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