Maymester 2014

poulnabroneMaymester 2014
Three weeks in the Summer session that could change your life

CU Denver faculty lead and teach a wide range of global study programs world wide. Students have the extraordinary opportunity to engage with the location and their profess​or. Programs are designed with CU Denver’s busy stu​dent body in mind: Costs are reasonable on these shor​t-term programs.​

Photo credit — Ireland of the Welcomes | Facebook

For an overview of the Maymester 2014 experience, check out this link.

Take a look at the feature profile of the CU Denver Maymester experience by Vicki Hildner with University Communications.

Positive, convivial, intense, gratifying, experiential, passionate, life-altering—these are just some of the words that faculty and students use to describe their experiences in a Maymester class.

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Ireland in Context
Maymester 2014

​ This Maymester course explores a variety of student-centered honors and leadership research topics (i.e., culture, politics, and history) focused on larger group/peer research themes (i.e., education, medicine and the health care system, and sectarian politics).

Course work is comprised of significant student-centered learning activities and includes reading and cybersleuthing activities, group discussions, reflective writing and daily Weebly blog posts (Blog as Journal project), listening and video-viewing, site-specific explorations, cultural activities, guest lectures and mentoring sessions, and full planning for and participation in the Fall 2014 – “Celebration of Excellence” Honors Symposium presentation – a miniconference and final presentation project to report research, tell stories, share photos and experiences, and promote our blog showcase launch and highlight the UHL program.

The Ireland in Context​ (Maymester 2014) University Honors and Leadership Program course is an intense, transformative, life-changing 3-week learning opportunity that we will experience together in context — through travel, cultural ambassadorship, pub culture, food, art, music, history, politics, medicine, language, films, plays, and building deep connections with people, places and ideas — across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Take a look at the Program Brochure and I hope to study and learn with you in Ireland this summer!

Dr. Judith Coe


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