Bantry Bay Co. CorkThis space will be used to post relevant resources prior to and during our Maymester trip to Ireland. Our Maymester class will focus on several topics (Irish music, peace, politics, popular culture, Blasket Island history and culture, meeting Martin Kearney, the Troubles and political murals) but will also allow for and encourage learning in context — significant learning opportunities that arise as we travel and engage in Irish culture in variety of settings and places. Students will have opportunities to participate in mapping projects which identify and locate interesting and important ideas, places, events, people and projects that are relevant to our course learning outcomes and developing an ethos that embraces cultural ambassadorship and learning in context values.

Photo credit – Ireland of the Welcomes | Facebook

For further study
CAIN Web Service – Conflict and Politics in Northern Ireland

Culture of Ireland
History and Heritage of the Blasket Islands
Irish History Online
Irish Traditional Music
Irish Political System
Irish Politics and Current Affairs
Irish Pub Culture
Meeting Martin Kearney
Norther Ireland — A Brief History of The Troubles
Northern Ireland Politics
Political Studies Association of Ireland
Traditional Irish Food
The Troubles — An Interactive History
The Troubles — BBC History


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