Student Blogs

shhepTake a look at the Student Blogs for this course — photos, reflections, research, discussions, experiences, ideas, planning, cultural engagement, inquiry — these are all of the rich elements that students will write about, reflect on and share during this amazing learning journey.

We’ll all keep a daily log and write blog posts during free time, posting as we can depending upon our wireless access. Check back often and please share your thoughts and Irish experiences with us. It will be a great adventure for all of us — learning in context together — as we travel in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Marie Angoulvant – Marie Goes to Ireland

Josh Blair – From Ireland to Paris

Peter Costea – People Places and Adventures in Ireland

Austin Fogle – Ireland Blog

Jazmin Fontenot – And the Journey Begins

Adam Gerken – Adam’s Ireland in Context Blog

Kevie Kawasaki – Adventures Abroad

Suzie Lee – Spectacular Journey In Ireland With Suzie

15 thoughts on “Student Blogs

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