Clew Bay Co. MayoCourse Description

UNHL 3888 – This Maymester course explores a variety of student-centered honors and leadership research topics (i.e., culture, politics, history) focused on larger group/peer research themes (i.e., education, medicine and the health care system, sectarian politics). Course work is comprised of significant student-centered learning activities and includes reading and cybersleuthing activities, group discussions, reflective writing and daily Weebly blog posts (Blog as Journal project), weekly VoiceThread cloud-based discussion posts, listening and video-viewing, site-specific explorations, cultural activities, guest lectures and mentoring sessions, and full planning for and participation in the Fall 2014 – “Celebration of Excellence” Honors Symposium presentation – a mini-conference and final presentation projects to report research, tell stories, share photos and experiences, and promote our blog showcase launch.

Additional information –

This is a seminar-style course that encourages a lively exchange of intellectual ideas and problem solving. In addition to course content, this course emphasizes the skills of discussion and listening, reflection and writing, and critical, creative and synthetic thinking.

I look forward to working closely with you – mentoring critical, creative and synthetic thinking, reflection and writing, and blogging and presentation skills. Lively and informed discussions and guest lecture interactions will be more typical that lectures, and you will often have opportunities to present your work to the class. This course will feature intriguing topics and used interdisciplinary approaches to analyze our topics. I will work with you to design an exciting educational and experiential learning environment – one that is student-centered – in which learning happens more quickly, has more depth, and has a lasting influence.

There are four required brief texts (three are to be purchased and one is a modest government booklet that is also available online) – other reading/viewing/listening assignments will be available online and also culled from my personal collection of books, articles, guides, exhibition catalogs, CDs, DVDs, video interviews, travel photos and films, museum and Blasket Centre documents, and University of Limerick class materials, among other artifacts. I will use Canvas as a digital repository for these documents – which you can download, print, and use as assignment and research/reflection resources. We’ll also identify and apply numerous digital resources and technology-based learning tools over the course of the semester.

Canvas will be used for your personal reflection assignments and my feedback/discussion. Your choice of  web/blogging sites will be used for posting daily formative research findings and reflections and reflective summative discussions at the conclusion of each topic, along with VoiceThread, a cloud-based discussion platform.

A Learning Community –

Our work, excursions, guest lectures, discussions, blogging and reflections as a Shared Learning Community will also provide individual opportunities for inquiry and peer discussions focused on diverse issues in Ireland: health and social justice; sustainability and interdependence; globalization, wealth, and poverty; the ethics of global citizenship; identity, culture and border crossings; interconnections, power, and privilege, and religion in global contexts.

Complete syllabi are available for enrolled students, in our Canvas course shell.

Photo credit – Ireland of the Welcomes | Facebook


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